- A Willing Foe and Sea Room -
Captain's Edition Cover Captain's Edition was published by GDW in 1990, as a simplified version of Harpoon. Although not a success commercially, it enjoys a strong following, and ATG wants to support the game until we can develop and release an updated edition. These files provide all the components of the GDW game, except the little plastic airplanes (sorry). We welcome feedback.

Our thanks to Kevin Martell and Andy Doty for doing the scans and map.

- Captain's Edition Components -

A pdf version of the Captain's edition Map

The scanned rulebook (14Mbyte) for the Captains Edition in .pdf format.

Scanned Captains Briefing (Scenarios, Equipment information, game setup rules) 13.3Mbyte .pdf format

Captains Edition ship and unit data (1.8Mbyte) in .pdf format

Captain's Edition Unit and base damage/ammo roster.

Captains Edition Soviet Base Data

Captains Edition Nato Base Data

Captains Edition Game Reference (.pdf)

Combined Captains Edition Counter Sheets (.pdf) format.