- A Willing Foe and Sea Room -

At Historicon 2017 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we had enough ATG members in one place to do some planning. Here is our publishing schedule for the immediate future:

FG&DN 2nd edition and High Seas Fleet 2nd edition are on the front burner. The rules will be in rough draft by the end of July, and in smooth draft by mid-August. The scenarios are in smooth draft, but new data continues to surface, and we'll be updating three Russian-German scenarios. Nick Jellicoe has sent us his foreword, which we are deeply grateful for. The Annexes are also in smooth, but we're continuing to scrub them.

- Dawn of the Battleship -
Dawn of the Battleship simulates naval warfare from 1890 up to 1904, just before technology began to quickly change in the years leading up to WW I. During this period, there are no all-big-gun battleships, aircraft, gun directors, or radios. In the 1890s, 1,500 yards was considered effective range, and 3,000 yards was long range. If you've played other naval games, you'll have to get in real close if you want to hit.

Dawn of the Battleship gives the player a taste of what it was like to command a ship or formation during a late 19th/early 20th century sea battle. A player with little or no experience in naval combat can quickly learn the basic principles of naval warfare, and use them in the game to fight and win. Tactics that worked in history will work in this game.

It can not only to recreate famous naval engagements such as the battles of Manila Bay and Santiago de Cuba, but also the myriad of "almost" battles between the rapidly growing fleets of Europe, Japan, and America.

If you have played other Admiralty Trilogy games, this one uses the same terms and game system as the others (Harpoon, Command at Sea, and Fear God & Dread Nought). That makes it easy to learn and you know it will be accurate.

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- Dawn of the Battleship Player's Handbook -
The Player's Handbook is a collection of the charts and tables that appear in the Dawn of the Battleship rules. Designed for quick reference, it provides all the charts and tables needed for fast game play. Only rules-related charts and tables are included here. The Data Annexes are provided in the scenario booklets.

In February 1904, Russia had the world's third largest fleet, while that of Japan's was ranked fourth. By September 1905, Japan had become number three and Russia had fallen below the top ten. Dawn of the Rising Sun contains nineteen scenarios for the Admiralty Trilogy's Dawn of the Battleship game, covering all the major surface engagements of the Russo-Japanese War, which led to this stunning reversal of fortunes.

- Monroe's Legacy -
This is a scenario supplement for the Admiralty Trilogy game Dawn of the Battleship. Twenty-nine scenarios cover not only historical battles, like Manila and Santiago de Cuba, but hypothetical scenarios based on historical disputes that almost led to war, and US Navy War College studies of that time. All the statistics needed to play the scenarios are included in detailed annexes, covering the navies of the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Chile. This includes not only accurate, historical information on the guns, but also new data on those deadly automotive torpedoes and naval mines.
Here are the conventions we will be running games at in 2016:
Cold Wars, March 16 - 19, at the Lancaster Host Resort, Lancaster, PA
Origins, June 14 - 18, Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH
Historicon, July 12 - 16 at the Fredricksburg Expo Conference Center, Fredericksburg, VA
Fall-In, November 3 - 5, at the Lancaster Host Resort, Lancaster, PA
The Sound of War
Transcript of May 10, 1972 ALPHA STRIKE Hai Duong Rail Yard
The Sound of War Audio File A
The Sound of War Audio File B