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Admiralty Trilogy Group Press Releases

Nov 6, 2018 ATG's next project: - Arctic Fleets

The next product we are developing is Arctic Fleets. This is the last book in the Fleet series, the books that provide near-complete coverage of ships, aircraft, and their weapons and sensors for World War II. The Fleet series currently consists of:

American Fleets United States
The Emperor’s Fleet Japan
Home Fleet Great Britain
Gruppe Nord Germany
La Guerre Navale France, Thailand
Mediterranean Fleets Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Turkey

The last volume,Arctic Fleets, will cover Finland, Norway, the Soviet Union, and the Netherlands. I know the Netherlands isn’t in the Arctic, but we had to put it somewhere. It gets cold there sometimes.
An earlier supplement, Baltic Arena, provided stats for some Soviet ships and Finland. It will be revised once Arctic Fleets is published.
One issue: The earlier six books used a formula to calculate damage points called “the 2006 Standard.” It first appeared in Issue #31 of the Naval SITREP and was much improved over the original formula, used since the first edition. But we weren’t satisfied, and kept trying to make the damage point calculation more historically accurate. We succeeded (see Naval SITREP issue #42) but it left us with a conundrum: We’d started publishing the Fleet series using the old damage point formula. If we changed to the new formula, the previous books would have to be replaced - expensive for the players and not worth the improved accuracy, in our educated opinion. And let’s not talk about a game with one 2006 book and one 2012 book.
Now that ATG has gone electronic, updating is a lot easier. Arctic Fleets will be published using the 2012 Damage Point Standard. At the same time, we will release new versions of the other Fleet books, also using the 2012 Standard. Players who have already purchased pdf copies of the Fleet series will get new versions automatically via the Wargame Vault. We will release new print-on-demand versions as well, although we can’t do anything about the booklets that have already been printed.

The new books will look the same as the old ones, but will have “2012 Standard” on the cover, and also on the title page.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the differences, or our research into warship damage, can download the free Admiralty Trilogy Damage Point Summary at the Wargame Vault. It lists Damage Point values for all the ships in the ATG game system, and several articles in the front describe how the formulas were developed and used. We also have several presentations on our website that go into the specifics of the historical research and mathematical modeling.

If anyone has questions about the different Damage Point Standards or the upcoming upgrade, please contact us at
Arctic Fleets will be available in the Spring of 2019 from WargameVault as either a searchable .pdf, or a softcover book. Both versions will be available as a bundle for a reduced price. Watch for updates on either our Admiralty Trilogy Web page ( or our Facebook page page.